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: Bishops Green, Lower Class Brats + No Restraints

: Bishops Green, Lower Class Brats + No Restraints Für eine grössere Darstellung, klicke auf das jeweilige Bild.

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Thu 14.05.2020 19:00h @ Essen, DON'T PANIC

The Vancouver based street punk band Bishops Green was formed in spring of 2011. The group is comprised of friends who hold a wide variety of musical influences and tastes. Their melodic style of old-school punk draws creative influences from European groups like Blitz, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, the Partisans and Leatherface and to hardcore acts from the U.S. like Naked Raygun and Minor Threat. Not to mention the noticeable connection between Bishops Green to bands like Alternate Action, Subway Thugs and the Lancasters. Bishops Green’s music is raw and energetic with a style firmly embedded in the historic roots of street punk and Oi!. All of the members of Bishops Green have been playing in bands together since the ’90s and this history, combined with the groups ability to draw from different punk genres, enables the creation of a catchy sing-along sound that will make sure that any audience feels like they are part of the show!

Formed in 1995 in Austin TX, Lower Class Brats set out to create music unlike anything else in their city. A mixture of Punk, Oi!, 70's Glam and straight ahead rock and roll merged with the theatric imagery of “A Clockwork Orange”. After six months of writing and rehearsals the band began to perform and released a demo cassette. A year later the bands first full length “Rather Be Hated Than Ignored” was released on GMM records and became the soundtrack for a fanbase now known as the “LCB Army”.
The recorded history of five full length LP’s, thirteen 7” ep’s and three different compilation LP’s under their belts. Provides testament to the bands reputation that they are a group that works as hard as they play. All while performing worldwide across the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.
L.C.B. members Bones (vox) and Marty Volume (guitar) Ron Conflict (bass), Zed (guitar) and Nick Brat (drums) continue to record and perform after a 20 year history. Taking great care that every live show is more than "just another gig" but a night for those in attendance to cut loose, forget their daily woes and sing, scream and shout along. Be prepared if they come to your town to witness the spectacle. Consider yourself invited…. and warned.

No Restraints is a street core band with heavy streetpunk/Oi! and NYHC influences. Based in Vercelli, north west italy, the band started officially in 2019, after that Johnny (the singer) passed more than one year searching for the right members to complete the line-up. The turning point was when at a concert in vercelli Johnny met Fere and Fax, historical members of an old local hardcore/punk band. With the add of Dave at drums the band was finally complete. After recording 2 songs for the debut single at the end of july, the band completed the song list for their set and they are ready to start the live activity in autumn. Some gigs with great bands such Crim, Exploited and Maid of Ace are already booked, and some other are already in planning.

Einlass ab ca 19:00 Uhr / Beginn ca 20:30 Uhr!

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Veranstalter: Soundgarden Essen GmbH

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